Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Indonesia Sumatra Spottail Bass Part 1

Friday, February 7, 2020

December 2019 Golden Mahseer fishing trip ( India Himalayas ) 2019年12月金吉羅釣魚團(印度喜馬拉雅山脈)

This trip I brought a 3 persons group, two customers from South Korea and one from Australia. At the first campsite we lost 3 monster Mahseer, even Shimano Twin Power 5000 reel also empty spool by the monster Mahseer ! At second campsite we success to land 3 golden Mahseer in average size 10-11kg. Third campsite we landed 4 Golden Mahseer. Four of us all got Golden Mahseer in this trip ! Total Golden Mahseer we landed by lure is 7. total Copper Mahseer we landed by baits is 6.

這一團我帶了3個顧客,2個來自韓國,1個來自澳洲。我們在第一座營地時走了3條怪物級吉羅魚,連Shimano Twin Power 5000卷線器都被清杯!(全部線被扯光!)在第二座營地我們成功上了3條金吉羅,最大的有11公斤。第三座營地我們成功上了4條金吉羅,最大的也有11公斤,最小3.6公斤。此行我們四人全部都成功釣到金吉羅! 我們所上的金吉羅總數是7條,都是使用假餌釣到的。我和Chai進行沉底釣則成功拉上了6條銅吉羅。

November 2019 Golden Mahseer fishing trip ( India Himalayas ) 2019年11月金吉羅釣魚團(印度喜馬拉雅山脈)

This trip I brought a group from Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, 6 persons. Unfortunately weather was bad, river water become muddy, affected our fishing result.